Yuuma Saienji
24 years old
good listener
good talker


初めまして!西園寺(さいえんじ)ユウマといいます~ 関西弁の気さくなお兄さん的存在です! めっちゃ甘えさせてあげるから、気軽に遊びにおいでな~♪

Cast Questions / キャストに質問!

Are you S or M? I'm more of an S! But I am interested in M too!
What is your charm point? My narrow eyes and Kansai dialect!
What is your favorite type of play? Lover play, I guess? I also want to try role-play according to the situation!
What is your favorite food? Ramen, takoyaki
What food do you dislike? Coriander
What type of person do you fall in love with? Someone with a lovely smile
What are your hobbies? Video games, karaoke, movies

Paid option menu / 追加オプションメニュー

Sweets menu Not available
Drink menu I always have chu-hi and beer. Other types of alcohol can also be purchased with a reservation 5 hours in advance.

Xsis-chan's Recommended Points / くろしすちゃんの一言

糸目!関西弁男子!のユウマくん! 人の心を掴むのがとっても上手な彼の胸に抱かれちゃおう♡


BDSM(You are dom)
BDSM(You are sub)
Make out
Talking only
Advice about a problem
Gentle BDSM(You are sub)
Gentle BDSM(You are dom)
Strip club style
Sweet married life


  • 軍服
  • ブラックコート
  • パンツスーツ
  • ジーンズ
  • ジーンズ(ブラック)
  • ジーンズ(ブルー)
  • 男性器(S)
  • 男性器(M)
  • 男性器(L)
  • 縁眼鏡(ブラック)
  • 縁眼鏡(レッド)
  • 縁でか眼鏡(ブラック)
  • 縁眼鏡(ブラウン)
  • 大きめサングラス(ブラック)
  • 大きめサングラス(マーブル)
  • 縁でか眼鏡(レッド)
  • 縁でか眼鏡(ブラウン)