What is the album function!

Memories of past live dates with the cast, I want to keep them as a form ......

Based on such requests, the album feature has been implemented!

(You can only receive images from cast members who have agreed to have their photo taken)



If you follow the guidelines below, you are welcome to post on Twitter and other social networking sites to tweet your impressions of the play.


Guidelines for the use of images in the album feature (updated July 16, 2022)

The copyright of the submitted images belongs to the respective cast members.


No alterations beyond slight changes in brightness or tint to the cast's body or clothing are allowed.

(As for the addition of accessories, etc., if it is agreed with the Cast Member during the service, it is OK. If the cast member, who is the author, points this out, please withdraw it.)


The processing of adding textual information such as the content of that play or impressions is OK.

(As an exception, writing content in the image that is too far removed from the facts in the service is prohibited.)

- Among the images sent by the "Album" function in "Guest My Page", those that are marked as "publicly available" can be posted on social networking sites to convey the attractiveness of the Cast Member.

It is up to the cast when uploading their images whether or not they are marked "publicly available", so if you wish to make them public, please make sure to let the cast know from the time of shooting.

- We would be happy if you could convey the appeal of the #Crossis Experience tag alongside your listing.


How to use

  1. For compatible cast members, there is a check box above the "Platform Selection" on the reservation form that says "I would like to have a commemorative photo taken," so turn it on and make a reservation.
  2. On the day of service, a commemorative photo will be taken with the Cast Member.
  3. At a later date, log in to the X-Oasis website and click on "Guest My Page" at the top of the page.
  4. On the menu for guests that comes up, click on "Albums" to view them.