Information on default connection quality level depending on your environment


Purpose of this page

  • To improve the stability of your connection immediately after service launch and to provide an environment where you can immerse yourself in play and talk with the cast right from the start of your connection
  • .
  • Verify that your environment meets our guaranteed operating environment
  • .
  • Become a source of information that allows you to develop your own policies to improve the quality of your connection if it does not meet our guaranteed operating environment
  • . How we determine the level of connection qualityPlease review the two connection level tables below and enter the lowest result from both tables in your guest profile to ensure a more stable and higher quality experience on every live date connection.

    Example: Internet connection, highest

    Connection equipment - high

    In case of

    , please see "How to set the connection quality level" below and select "High".


    Connection Quality Level Table by Internet Environment

    Connection Quality Level Chart by Connection Equipment

    *1 experimental Features setting is required For detailed instructions


    *2 Hardware performance varies widely by manufacturer and model number, so this is only a guide

    *3 Please judge whether it is a gaming specification or not based on the manufacturer's claim.


    How to set the connection quality level

  • After logging in, select "Guest My Page" from the top menu.
  • In "Basic Information", press "Register or change your call name/photo icon/shipping information/Lovense ID".
  • Select "Defined Connection Quality Level" from the table above on this page and press "Save".
  • Please press "Save".

    This completes the configuration.

    This completes the configuration.

    With these settings in place, we will be able to provide you with the optimal settings every time you connect to our live-date service.