Notification of the start of free mailing of cast business cards and DL service of printed data


X-Oasis, a VR sex store, is pleased to announce

that starting October 24, 2022, cast members will be available for the first time.

"Service to receive the actual business cards of the cast members you have used" and

"Service to download data for business card printing" will be provided free of charge.

About the free business card mailing service


For shipping, the cards will be mailed in batches on the 18th of each month.

Because we will send them by regular mail, they will be posted to your mailbox, and there is no tracking number, etc. Please make sure to register your address correctly.

Please make sure to register your address correctly.

To receive the mail, the following steps are required. (Please click on the URL while logged in)

1. Register your shipping address from here .

2. Open the guest profile modification page from here 

3. Click [Edit basic guest information]


4. Check the "I would like to receive free business cards by mail" checkbox


5. Confirm that the shipping address registered in step 1 is set to "Currently set shipping address information" and click the "Save" button.

Q. What happens to guests who have a history of previous use?

A. If you register using the above procedure, we will retroactively track your usage history for each cast so far and ship them together on November 18, 2022.

Q. How can I receive business cards even if they are virtual?

For reasons of preservation of the world view that our cast members are directing, it is not a service requirement to give our business cards within the virtual.

Please understand that some Cast Members actively hand out our business cards to our Guests, while others may refuse to do so even if you ask them to pass them to you within the service.

About the business card DL service


Click here to access the business card download page, where you can see the business cards of the cast members who have used our service.

Concerning the posting of business card data on social networking sites


Please refrain from posting the printed data as is on social networking sites. Please be sure to share the data in printed form and post it on social networking sites, etc.

#Crossis business cards is the recommended tag for posting on Twitter.

#Crossis business card is the recommended tag for posting on Twitter.